About DACT

DACT, Dutch Association of Corporate Treasurers, is the professional association for (corporate) treasurers and treasury professionals in The Netherlands. It has almost 750 members, employed by multinationals, large and midsized companies, but also working in public sector and nonprofit organisations.  As a professional association DACT stimulates the professional development of its members, offers a network that connects treasury professionals and facilitates a platform for the exchange of information and development of knowledge.

Do you want to join DACT?

Members of DACT are (corporate) treasurers as well as assistant treasurers, treasury controllers, treasury managers and other treasury-related functions. Corporate means that you “practice” as a treasurer or in one of the aforementioned positions and do not work as a consultant, banker, accountant or any other position in the treasury function-oriented consulting practice.

Since 2019, it is also possible to obtain membership of DACT as a self-employed person. For this, however, you must be registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce as a self-employed person whose main function is (treasury) interim manager. You should also have:

  • at least five years’ demonstrable experience as a (corporate) treasury professional in a non-commercial position with a company, and/or
  • a demonstrable track record of relevant interim management contracts in the treasury field for a period of more than 3 months per assignment in the past two years.

At the time of application, you are demonstrably working as an interim manager.

You are welcome as a member of the DACT if you have relevant experience and knowledge in the treasury field and at the time of application for membership are working – on the basis of an employment contract – in the treasury field or are otherwise – but not as a consultant – daily involved in the treasury activities of the company/institution or meet the ZZP criteria. The annual membership fee (2022) is Euro 200 excluding 21% VAT.

The DACT membership offers you:
• Connecting to a high quality network of fellow treasurers, also accessible via the website.
• Free entrance to ‘invitation only’ meetings.
• Free entrance to a Permanent Education Program (PEP), which DACT conducts with its partners.
• Substantial discounts on seminars and education from DACT partners.
• Twice a year a public event: the DACT Treasury Fair and the DACT Annual Conference.
• Free subscription to TMI, Treasury Management International.
• Access to the publications database (Library button).