Bondify (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Year of establishment
Primary target group

Bond issuers

Name of the product
Bond documentation platform
Solution product offers
Bond documentation is arguably the most valuable documentation on earth. Lawyers take care of the document, but treasurers are often required to update key parts regarding risk, market and business descriptions. Bondify has created software to make the collaborative process with the lawyer and other stakeholders fast and easy. A global database of bond prospectuses is available for your inspiration during the drafting process. Enabling detailed searches, to assist treasurers and lawyers in their writings.
With this database it becomes easy to select and read targeted paragraphs (e.g. on market risk) of other organizations filtered per industry or by name, to learn quickly how others wrote their risk, market and business descriptions. The platform enables easy sharing and comparison of consecutive document versions with internal and external stakeholders. A full audit trail is kept. Promise: better documentation in shorter time, created with more confidence and ease.
The Bond documentation platform is an online SaaS solution.
Name presenter(s)

Balder Verberne, Founder & CEO – Bondify