Company, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Year of establishment
Primary target group

Corporate treasurers involved in syndicated loan transactions and bond issuance.

Name of the product
A Platform for Syndicated Lending and Bond Issuance.
Solution product offers
Treasurers regularly involved in financing activities face increasing legal and regulatory complexity. In large syndicated transactions, secure and efficient dissemination of information is important. Today's loan contracts and bond prospectuses are flat text, they're not smart, and therefore not easy to handle. And when loans or bonds are originated, it's hard to imagine that a treasurer can initiate, monitor and steer the debt financing process from behind a dashboard. But this is about to change.
Bondify introduces a new platform to make life easier for parties regularly involved in financing activities. Features include a smart contract drafting engine with negotiation functions, a secure KYC dataroom, and a marketplace for debt origination, including a smart bookbuilding engine for issuance of bonds.
A secure cloud platform, available as a SaaS-solution and/or on a per-transaction basis.
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Balder Verberne

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