The law of the large numbers is the basis for ‘Insurance’. But how does the Global Insurance Market work? What is the role of Reinsurance Companies and their reinsurers, the so-called retro-market ? Are Global Insurance Companies making a profit or a loss ? How much capacity is available on a global level ? What is the impact of climate change on the results of Global Insurance Companies ? Can you also make use of insurance capacity in China, Japan or Bazil ? Is Lloyd’s of London still playing a dominant role ?

Since many treasurers have nowadays also a responsibility for insurances, it might be interesting to learn more about the aforementioned questions. During an interactive workshop we will give you an holistic insight in the world of insurance.

Speakers: Focko Dorhout Mees, Chairman Global Placement Continental Europe – Marsh & Elaine Casaprima, Managing Director Continental Europe – Bowring Marsh

Language: English