BPI Business Process Integration GmbH, Germany
Year of establishment
Primary target group

Treasury Operations, Financial Shared Services, Accounting

Name of the product
EBS Workbench®, Accelerator for Treasury Operations in SAP® ERP and S/4HANA
SWIFT-CAMT Transformation, Cash Application, Bank reconciliation
Solution product offers
Treasurers rely on receiving correct and clear account statements from their banks for operational processes. With SWIFT MT940 reaching its end of life, financial institutions are pushing their customers to migrate to its successor CAMT.053 XML. Existing solutions and processes currently based on SWIFT MT940 must be transitioned to benefit from CAMT.053 reporting with low effort.
EBS Workbench® supports Treasury Operations in the transition from SWIFT MT940 to CAMT.053 XML bank statement automation in SAP. Rules to reduce manual processing can be crated based on the new reporting standard without involvement of IT resources. Strong integrated KPI reporting allows benchmarking of banks, companies and countries.
Learn how University Leiden migrated from SWIFT MT940 to the new CAMT.053 XML reporting standard and how unexpected benefits were achieved with EBS Workbench®, an add-on solution for SAP® ERP and S/4HANA® that is installed into the existing SAP® System.
Name presenter(s)

Andreas Knopf, Managing Partner – BPI Business Process Integration GmbH &


Client Speaker

Arjan van Rijn, Manager Financial Shared Service Centre – University Leiden & Aaron Westerveld ,Functioneel Beheer SAP – University Leiden & Nick van Tuijn, Staff Member FSSC – University Leiden