CDP, GRESB, SBTI, EUT, SFDR or the UN SDGs? For those treasurers who are trying to navigate through the world of sustainable finance, the number of abbreviations that you encounter might be daunting. Rabobank sees an increase in the use of ESG frameworks, benchmarks, ratings and other ways for companies to show their ESG performance. But what are the do’s and don’ts? In this lecture, Rabobank will guide you through the ESG alphabet soup and provide important landmarks to keep your eye on while working on sustainable finance.

Daniël Poolen has experience as an Energy Transition Specialist and worked on the topic of plastic pollution with (inter)national environmental organizations. In his current position as Director Sustainable Capital Markets at Rabobank, he provides sustainable finance solutions Green/Social/Sustainability/ Sustainability-Linked Bonds and Loans) with specific attention for the European Green Taxonomy.

Speaker: Daniël Poolen, Director Sustainable Capital Markets – Rabobank

Language: English