Ilfa Tools & Services BV, the Netherlands
Year of establishment
Primary target group

Small Medium Enterprice (SMEs) – Corporates – Non-profit organisations – (semi) public entities

Name of the product
Treasury Desk – Treasury team on demand
Total professional Treasury solution based on a flexible treasury subscription - Outsourcing treasury operations
Solution product offers
Treasury's range of tasks is extensive. It covers matters ranging from long-term strategy to day-to-day operations. Each discipline within treasury requires specific knowledge, tools, and skills. It may be that this is (temporarily) not available in-house or that it is not profitable to set this up for your own organization. Our Treasury Desk offers the solution. The Treasury Desk is a team of experienced treasury specialists. They can be used for, among other things, cash, interest, and currency management, concluding transactions, providing financial reports, and answering questions. Our activities are tailored to your organization and wishes and the Treasury Desk is ready for you whenever you want. The agreements are not written in stone. Our support can grow or step back according to your needs. Thanks to the Treasury Desk, your own professional treasury is within reach, regardless of the size and experience within your organization.
Cash Management, Risk Management, In-House Bank Corporate Finance
Treasury Desk outsourcing services is a SaaS solution and includes interfacing to ERP
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Irma Langeraert, Managing Partner Ilfa
Arnoud Doornbos, Associate Partner Ilfa

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