Nomentia Oy, Helsinki, Finland
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Treasurers and Finance professionals

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Nomentia Cash Forecasting
Cash Forecasting
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Cash flow visibility, reporting, and forecasting are challenging and this can negatively impact the business. The data is often located in many different source systems. Using Nomentia, you can tackle the three following challenges: Connectitivy (Banks, ERPs, TMS), Forecasting, and Visibility (control payments, approvals, and release to banks).
Bank connectivity for fetching statements and intraday materials; automated interfaces with cash flow data, easy-to-use manual input of cash flows with templates; user-friendly reports with multi-dimensional drag & drop; accuracy reporting: forecast vs. actuals and forecast vs. forecast; drill down to transaction level; balance generation from external bank accounts; dealing.
All Nomentia's solutions are SaaS solutions and can be integrated with any ERP or TMS systems. The integration work is carried out by Nomentia's Professional Services team at the beginning of the project. Nomentia is also bank agnostic and we can connect with over 10 000 banks globally.
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Huub Wevers

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