In 2022 the West-European energy market was hit by an energy crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Therefore, the year 2022 became a challenging year for energy suppliers. Increased volatility of market prices for natural gas and power caused high Mark-to-Market positions among energy producers and suppliers. As a result, unprecedented amounts of capital were needed to cover margin requirements between parties.

In addition, by the end of 2022, the Dutch government started compensating certain households for their energy bills. It also imposed a cap on energy pricing for all households from 1st January 2023 onward.

Greenchoice’s priorities have shifted immensely because of these drastic changes in the industry. Liquidity management has become one of the top priorities for its treasury team. During this session, two speakers from Greenchoice share how the company adapted its processes and managed to run its treasury operations throughout these times of change, as well as the impact the changes have had on the company’s cash flows. The presentation will also focus on how different energy contracts have affected margin calls for the company. The session will contain concrete insights into Greenchoice’s treasury processes, strategies, and analyses.

Speakers: Paul van der Veen, Treasury Manager – Greenchoice & Bas Meijer, ad interim Treasury Consultant

Language: English