DACT Mentoring Programme

Whether you are starting out on your career or still building it, you may frequently be confronted by career challenges. However, a mentor who has been through similar challenges, can help by giving you sound guidance and inspiration on the path ahead.

It seems that DACT members who has recently started a Treasury career are interested in a mentoring programme. It found that DACT members are very enthusiastic and motivated to provide mentoring to help young professionals. More experienced DACT members are willing to fulfill the role of mentor.

Mentor Catalogue
We have created a DACT mentor catalogue containing the mentor profiles – almost 50 experienced treasury professionals with a wide variety of functions, experience, skills, and fields of work.

How does it work?
Young treasurers can visit the catalogue and find a mentor with the necessary skills and experience, etc. They send a mentoring request to their preferred mentor. When the mentor approves the request, the mentee contacts the mentor to arrange a first meeting. If mentor and mentee agree to start the mentoring project, they organise between them the signing of the mentor agreement. For now DACT has opted for contact between parties to take place directly without the intervention of the Mentoring Committee. We have various practical documents available for mentors and mentees. We have also made available an outline Agreement which can be signed by both parties once they have decided to start a mentoring programme. DACT is not a party to this agreement, but will sign it for acknowledgement.
It may be that the process is adequate, but it is possible that the use of professional software or support will be recommended.

Join the programme? Send an email to management@dact.nl.