Sep 20, 2021

DACT Treasury Award 2021

Will you succeed Royal Avebe? Nomination for the DACT Treasury Award 2021 is open!

The DACT Treasury Award aims to promote the Treasury profession and professional by putting the spotlight on remarkable projects and transactions. There are so many great Treasury stories and a multitude of best practices, new treasury applications or specific treasury innovations that we can be proud of but that often remain well hidden. With the award, DACT hopes to inspire fellow Treasurers and future Treasury talent. Of course, it is always good to put our members and their teams in the limelight.

Selection criteria: we apply the following selection criteria when judging submitted projects/transactions:

Innovation: Do new things or do classical things differently
Reach: The project could be implemented in many geographical areas / sectors
Environment, Social, Governance Excellence: Contribute to making the world a better place
Economics: Achieve monetary benefits, risk-adjusted
Inspiration: The “wow” factor

If you have project which meets one or more of the above criteria, then nominate it for the DACT Treasury Award. If your project excels against different criteria, we would of course be pleased to read it too. Send us your nomination/justification paper using a maximum of 400 words
before 15th of October 2021.


  • The DACT Treasury Award will be presented annually
  • Members can submit their project before 15th October 2021, supported by a shortjustification/description
  • Projects do not necessarily have to relate to the current year, but projects may besubmitted only once
  • In consultation with the DACT Advisory Board and RT teachers/lecturers, the Board willselect three projects for nomination
  • Nominated projects will be invited to make a short written (ppt) pitchMembers can vote for the shortlisted nominated projects up until 15th of November2021
  • The winner of the DACT Treasury Award will be announced at the Treasury Fair 2021,where the award will be presented
  • Senior management and team leaders representing the nominated Treasury projects willbe invited to attend
  • The winner of the DACT Treasury Award will be nominated by DACT for the followingyear’s EACT Award

Conditions? A project must originate from a corporate treasury / finance department from a profit or non profit organization. Projects may not originate from so-called providers. All projects meeting the conditions will be considered for the Award (no specified size).

If there are any questions after reading this information, then we’ll be pleased to receive them by e-mail to We very much look forward to receiving your submissions.

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