Dec 20, 2023

Exploring the Complex Realities of Private Equity: Societe Generale's Launching Event with DACT

On December 13th, Societe Generale hosted the last 2023 event as a new partner of the DACT. A very insightful session on today’s complex reality due to increasing Private Equity investments in the Corporate world.

After Joan Schutte as chairman of the DACT welcomed SG as a new partner, Albert Hollema (Treasurer Lipton) kicked off in sharing his experiences in managing Treasuries in Portfolio Companies like Lipton.

Niels Groothuizen (Tax specialist KMPG) gave more insight in the rules and regulations around “Tax Integrity” – being a key topic in the world of Private Equity Investments. At the end, both topics were combined in reflecting upon the Compliance dialogue with these companies, by Olga Kutnicka and Baiba Zvejniece, as well as the specific operational challenges in banking a portfolio company by Edwin Hartog.

The presented holistic view above created lots of interaction during the sessions itself as well as during the closing network drinks visited by over 40 participants. A successful launching event for our new partner Societe Generale!

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