Mar 20, 2024

Meet the DACT Board

We are delighted to announce several changes to the DACT Board following the recent AGM.

Firstly, we extend our gratitude to Joan Schutte and Quirijn Heslinga. After six years of exceptional contribution, Joan Schutte is stepping down as DACT chairman. Quirijn Heslinga is also stepping down as a board member and chair of the partner team. We deeply appreciate their valuable contributions and positive energy, and we are confident they will remain active members of DACT.

We are excited to welcome three new Board members: Yannick Gehin, Emiel Kuiken, and Simone Schumacher. They have been selected from a large pool of applicants and appointed as new board members for an initial three-year term. We are certain they will bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the team!

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that two current Board members, Erwin Bastianen and Olga Gayevskaya, will be taking on new responsibilities as the new chairman and vice-chairwoman.

Picture taken by Tamara Verheij – Inbeeldt (left to right): Yannick Gehin, Nadiia Matskevych, Erwin Smit, Bart Verweij, Olga Gayevskaya, Erwin Bastianen, Richard Blokland, Simone Schumacher and Emiel Kuiken.

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