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"A career in Treasury is perfectly compatible with family life"

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Wat kan een treasurer voor mij betekenen?

Treasurers aan het woord

Don Jacobs

"I receive critical information and can think along about which projects we do or do not want to finance within our organisation"

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Treasury Award

DACT Treasury Award

The DACT Treasury Award aims to promote the Treasury profession and professional by putting the spotlight on remarkable Treasury projects and transactions. There are so many great Treasury stories and a multitude of best practices, new treasury applications or specific treasury innovations that we can be proud of but that often remain well hidden. With the award, DACT hopes to inspire fellow Treasurers and future Treasury talent. Of course, it is always good to put our members and their teams in the limelight.

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De rol van de Treasurer

corporate finance management

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treasury operations

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financial risk management

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Permanent Education Program PEP

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Register Treasurer

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Stichting Register-Treasurer

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