Invitation Only

On a regular basis DACT organises one or more meetings under the header “invitation only”. These are gatherings for which a part of the members – based on specific criteria – receive a personal invitation.

“Round Table Conference (RTC)” (invitation only)

The RTC is a DACT activity initiated in 2009. The goal is to engage Corporate Treasurers and experts in a specific area in a discussion regarding strategic topics in a private meeting. The participants are selected on a number of criteria, among which role and company. The topic of a RTC is introduced in a small committee by a special selected speaker. A renowned facilitator leads the discussion to safeguard the interactive character of the session

September 26, 2009
RTC Pension programme

June 16, 2010 
RTC International place of business for companies from a fiscal perspective programme

September 22, 2011 
RTC Alternative types of Financing

March 13, 2012
RTC Euro crisis programme

“Walking dinner” new members (invitation only)

The number of members increases annually and the board is very pleased that so many treasury professionals join the DACT.  It proves that the association has value and fulfills a need. Because of the fast growth and the high attendance at activities is is increasingly difficult to meet new members personally. However, getting acquainted is high on the boards agenda. Therefore DACT organises an annual ‘walking’ dinner for new members in January.Members who have joined the preceding year receive an invitation for this dinner. During this dinner, the guests switch three times between table and table companions. The tables are chaired by one or two board members. Thus newcomers can get to know the board members and fellow-members and vice versa. The event also poses as a think tank. During the conversations the board would like to understand what one expects of the DACT membership, and what the experiences have been sofar.