Permanent Education Programme PEP

Under the header PEP (Permanent Education Programme) DACT regularly offers educational activities on certain topics. The PEP Programme covers both traditional treasury topics (like cash management, interest rate management, loan documentation and working capital management) and new subjects like Fintech, cyber crime etc.

You can register for PEP workshops via the button Agenda.

DACT does not possess sufficient manpower to develop and execute the entire curriculum itself. PEP’s are therefore conducted in collaboration with DACT partners or other liaising parties. The PEP activities are announced on the DACT website and all DACT members (600+) receive a personal invitation for the PEP. The workshops are very often free of charge and take place at the office of the supplier. Preferred duration is max half a day; between 15:30-18:00 is also a proven formula.  The number of participants varies between 25 – 50.