Ilfa Treasury Support. Roosendaal, The Netherlands
Year of establishment
Primary target group

Organisations such as Mid to large corporations, financial institutions, government bodies, sustainability-focused businesses, consulting and audit firms, and NGOs, all seeking to align their operations with environmental sustainability and comply with evolving ESG standards.

Name of the product
Green Treasury Metrics: Harmonising Finance and Sustainability
Sustainable treasury (operations)
Solution product offers
Introducing Green Treasury Metrics, an innovative platform for integrating eco-conscious practices with financial management, driving performance while fostering environmental stewardship. The platform aids treasurers by enhancing risk management, ensuring regulatory compliance, reducing costs, and improving investment planning. It provides accurate financial forecasts incorporating sustainability metrics, aiding in strategic planning, liquidity management, and bolstering investor relations, while aligning a company's financial goals with environmental sustainability. This ESG addition to our existing product will be available shorty.
The platform streamlines Treasury Operations with accurate budgeting and operational efficiency, supports Financing through green investment attraction and credit enhancement, and strengthens Risk Management by ensuring compliance and minimising reputational risks. It's an essential tool for integrating environmental sustainability into corporate financial strategies.
The platform is a cloud-based SaaS solution, seamlessly interfacing with ERP systems like SAP for integrated sustainability and carbon accounting. It offers flexible deployment, ensuring data synchronisation and enhancing existing financial systems with environmental metrics, ideal for organisations prioritising streamlined, comprehensive management.

Date & Time: 14 March, 14:55 – 15:25
Language: English

Irma Langeraert, Managing Partner at ILFA
Jean Pierre Renard, Associate Partner at ILFA