Apr 22, 2022

Meet the new DACT Association Manager

My name is Milena Babović, I am 43 years young and I live in De Meern. I am married and mother of four children, ages 12-18. As of 1 October I will succeed Erika as Association Manager of DACT. I will start working together with Erika on May 1 to achieve a good transfer. I will be present at the DACT Summer Conference on June 1, 2022 and I hope to meet a lot members of DACT.

Before DACT I have gained 20 years of experience in various management and project positions. In the last decade I have mainly been involved in association management. For example, I have worked at the Dutch Medical Association, supported various commissions. Currently I am director of the Dutch Association of Physician Assistants. I am very excited to use my knowledge in another field of work. Since my husband has been working as a treasurer for over ten years and is a member of DACT, this field is not entirely new to me. I can already see issues that play a role within DACT, which are also current in other associations.

Power of associations

The National Association Survey from 2020 shows that almost all associations are similar, regardless of size and target group. All these associations organize networks, offer expertise and training and stimulate innovation. It is also characteristic of all associations that the commitment of members as volunteers is essential. Collaboration with partners is also a part of associations. Especially during corona, many associations have shown that they are of great importance and contribute to society, socially and economically.

I see that over the years DACT has grown into a professional association with a large network. My contribution will be to move the association forward together with the board, the Advisory Council and the members. We will start working on a new strategic plan in September. Is there a topic you would like to bring to our attention? Let me know!

Milena Babović


DDACT thanks Financial Assets for its professional guidance in the recruitment and selection of the new association manager.

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