This case study provides insights into the considerations to broaden the funding mix with a receivables financing program, and the implementation and monthly maintenance of such a program. The workshop focuses on Kramp, a total supplier of parts for companies in the agricultural and forest & grass care industries. With 11 distribution centres and more than 3,000 employees, Kramp serves customers in 24 European countries.

After a successful refinancing in 2016, Kramp started to investigate the possibilities, benefits and organisational impact of an asset based financing solution to fund a part of its working capital. This resulted in selecting and implementing a securitised asset based finance (SABF) solution for Kramp’s trade receivables portfolio in four key countries in 2018. The SABF has become a permanent and ever-growing element in Kramp’s funding portfolio which was extended, increased and further optimized in 2022 to support the further growth of Kramp.

Date & Time: 14 March, 15:30 – 16:15
Language: English

Klaas Doets, Finance Director at Kramp
Rolf Michon, Managing Partner at Orchard Finance
Eric Dolmans, Senior Associate at Orchard Finance