2023 is shaping up to be a tough year for the European economy. With such uncertainty, it’s crucial that corporates heighten their focus on liquidity, optimising account structures and managing cross-currency flows in order to reduce funding costs and help drive operational efficiencies.

Founded in 2001, Travix is a Dutch-based Online Travel Agent. Operating out of 39 countries with an extensive portfolio of 43 websites across 5 flagship brands, join us to hear from Travix as to how they effectively manage liquidity and transactional FX flows across multiple currencies, supported by J.P. Morgan Payments. Hear how Travix built a global, scalable liquidity structure, offering flexibility to add more currencies and entities during a period of post-Pandemic growth, whilst streamlining operations.

Speakers: Jan Vos, Treasurer – Travix & Tom Coombes, Vice President – J.P. Morgan Payments

Language: English