Bank of America, London UK
Name of the product
Intelligent Receivables
Reconciliation, automation, innovation, artificial intelligence
Solution product offers
Intelligent Receivables uses various technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation to automate the cash application process. It provides automation, better reconciliation, enhances DSO. Without a tool like Intelligent Receivables, clients struggle to manually match incoming payments with remittance with invoices due to multiple complexities across the receivables landscape globally.
Geared towards AR, order to cash, collections, shared service centers, treasury operations. Functionality shows how payment information, remittance information and open AR invoice items are automatically matches using various technologies and then auto post into our clients' receivables or ERP systems.
Intelligent Receivables can be accessed through our online banking platform called CashPro and will connect directly to our clients ERP systems.
Name presenter(s)

Stephanie Soybel

Client Speaker