CoorpID, Amsterdam
Year of establishment
Primary target group

Used by ao the CFO, (Head of) Treasury, (Head of) Compliance/ Legal – mainly the profesionals in the organisation responsible for delivering the required know your customer (KYC) / corporate documentation to banks and other third party requestors.

Name of the product
Know your customer (KYC) / Secured sharing of your corporate documentation
Solution product offers
CoorpID provides a single secure digital vault for corporates to easily store, manage, share and synchronize their KYC documents with multiple business partners. Keep all your corporate/ KYC information, communication, and requests in one place and stay daily up to date about your all your corporate documentation. Say goodbye to losing track of documents in painfully long email threads.
Key benefits of using CoorpID for corporates and banks, insurance and consultancy firms: (1) one secure vault for all your KYC documents, (2) structured way of collecting all relevant KYC-documents, (3) easy to share and collaborate with banks and other business partners and (4) driving standardization; together with clients, banks ofther financial institutions we look how we can standardize global KYC documents and requirements.
CoorpID is a cloud based SaaS solution and the platform can be used by our clients via the portal. CoorpID acts as processer, corporates are and will remain in control of their data stored encrypted in their own environment. Information can only be shared externally secured with consent of the corporate.
English (but Dutch is also possible)
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Robert Derks

Client Speaker