The workshop will offer a multi-dimensional view into the journey of Lely’s treasury operations and its strategic choices, significantly enhanced through its partnership with Cobase. The focus will be twofold:

Lely’s Treasury Evolution:
Decisions and strategies that have guided Lely’s treasury operations over the years.
The role of treasury in supporting Lely’s growth from a local entity to an international brand.
The challenges Lely faced in managing an increasingly complex financial landscape.

The Lely-Cobase Partnership:
Need Identification & Vendor Selection Process
Implementation and Adoption
The efficiencies in Payment Authorization
Key Performance Indicators and Realized Benefits

About Lely’s Corporate Landscape:

  • The key strategic choices that have shaped Lely’s treasury operations over time.
  • How treasury has been instrumental in Lely’s transition from a local Dutch company to an international brand.
  • The financial challenges Lely encountered while growing and how they managed them.
  • What went into Lely’s decision to partner with Cobase for their treasury needs, including the practical benefits realized.
  • This presentation will provide practical insights into modern treasury management by examining Lely’s partnership with Cobase.

Learning Goal:
Participants will gain a well-rounded understanding of advanced treasury management systems, directly from Lely’s experience. The session will cover:

Date & Time: 15 March, 13:00 – 13:45
Language: English

Joost Kevelam, CCO at Cobase
Ben Dassen, Head of Treasury at Lely