Kantox (Barcelona)
Year of establishment
Primary target group

The primary target group is CFO’s and (Group) Treasurers of small, medium and large entreprises who deal with foreign currencies.

Name of the product
Kantox Dynamic Hedging®
Currency Management Automation
Solution product offers
When managing currencies, finance teams often struggle with the challenges of manual processes, exposed cash flows and poorly managed risk. Since 2011, Kantox has built automated currency management software solutions that empower our clients to increase profitability and grow their business by leveraging currencies while reducing risk and optimising costs.
Our solution covers the entire FX workflow, from pricing products and services with an exchange rate, to hedging currency risk, all the way to cash management and reporting and accounting. We create and digitalise hedging programs tailored to each company and industry.
Our SaaS solution uses API connectivity to ensure that exposure data flows from a company's systems, such as ERP, TMS or any other data source, to the Kantox solution, and you can also upload your exposure data in an XLS file.
Name presenter(s)

Valentine Bekaert, Sales Team Manager – Kantox