It is important to recognize the Trojan Horse in any upcoming M&A transaction, as standard legal and financial due diligence no longer suffices. Today every deal is a technology deal; when integrating the target into your own organization you are being exposed to the weakest link in their IT system. By doing Cyber Due Diligence, dealmakers have the data to negotiate with confidence and reflect the risks in the price they pay for a target. Human capital due diligence should be beyond legal due diligence to identify financial impact: including own-risk bearership and misclassified third-party workers. Risks can easily run into (tens of) millions. Lastly, despite most Trojan tax horses are identified in a traditional due diligence process, the tax-issues can unnecessary de-rail a deal. Tax risk insurance can often offer a solution to these risks.

Date & Time: 15 March, 11:00 – 11:45
Language: English

Peter Zwijnenburg, M&A Managing Director at Aon
Pulkit Saxena, M&A Cyber Director at Aon