How to integrate factoring in your liquidity plan?
Lamifil N.V., based in Belgium, is a reputed global manufacturer of innovative cable and wire products in copper and aluminium.

To maximise available liquidity, Lamifil N.V. uses ‘Invoice Factoring’. This means that when invoices are sent to clients, they become immediately available as credit with the factoring bank. When dealing with hundreds of invoices combined with regular drawdowns on the facility, the process of maintaining a clear view on the available liquidity gets complex.

Invoice factoring
In this workshop Stefan Belmans (Treasury Manager of Lamifil N.V.) together with Marie Rose de Backer (Independent Consultant) will explain how invoice factoring can be used to increase your headroom, what the associated complexities are and how the Trinity TMS was configured to enable Lamifil N.V. to maintain a clear view on the total available liquidity

Philip Wielenga, Director Sales Trinity Management Systems GmbH

Date & Time: 15 March, 11:00 – 11:45
Language: English

Stefan Belmans, Treasury Manager of Lamifil N.V.
Marie Rose de Backer, Independent Consultant
Philip Wielenga, Director Sales at Trinity Management Systems GmbH