Join us for a captivating business case study by Argentex and Maxeda on financial risk management. Discover how Maxeda (Praxis) successfully revamped its FX strategy to navigate fast-changing FX-markets.

Maxeda’s treasurer will unveil their recent shift from fixed forwards to FX derivatives, to better manage currency risks. With increased volatility caused by global political tensions, rising interest rates, and the looming threat of a worldwide economic recession, the finance team at Maxeda realised the need to adapt their approach.

Find out how Maxeda effectively manages current FX risks while still capitalising on potential upside opportunities for the Euro-Dollar exchange rate, as well as insights into the accounting practices employed by Maxeda to handle fluctuating contract prices throughout their product’s duration.

Expand your knowledge of financial derivatives, their benefits for businesses, and best practices for reporting them in your financial system. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to build on your expertise in financial risk management!

Date & Time: 14 March, 14:00 – 14:45
Language: English

Axel Piontek, Head of Partnerships, Argentex
Kris Wielens, Corporate Treasurer at Praxis Maxeda