The evolving landscape of treasury management demands a strategic repositioning within the company, transforming it into a vital business partner, balancing value creation and financial risk management. As companies transform towards a more sustainable business model, treasury’s role in managing an orderly energy transition, supporting decarbonization efforts and navigating volatile markets becomes pivotal. So how should Treasurers prepare to enable their company’s sustainability and decarbonization objectives? In this session we will elaborate on treasury’s position to manage financial risks encompassing commodities such as energy, raw materials, and carbon. Further, we will delve into approaches used to harness technology as a catalyst to fortify risk management practices, optimize the carbon footprint and manage constraints to maximize shareholder returns.

Date & Time: 14 March, 16:30 – 17:15
Language: English

Ashley Sadie, Director, Energy & Commodity Trading, Risk Advisory at Deloitte NL