Sis ID. Lyon, France
Year of establishment
Primary target group

Sis ID’s products target finance function such as Treasurers, CFO and accountant. They also target compliance and risk functions.

Name of the product
My Sis ID (SaaS) and Sis Inside (API)
Solution product offers
Conceived and created by CFOs and treasurers from the CAC 40, Sis ID markets the first digital and collaborative solution to fight bank transfer fraud. With its software solution and the power of its community of more than 38,000 companies that benefit from its services, Sis ID reverses the balance of power with fraudsters.
Sis ID's products allow users to control the reliability of a couple made of a company ID and bank details. With a simple score, green, orange or red, Treasurers, accountants and CFO know quickly and easily if they can perform their payments.
The solution is a SaaS solution but can also be integrated into your business applications thanks to our APIs (ERP, TMS…).

Date & Time: 14 March, 14:55 – 15:25
Language: English

Martin Grazzini, Business Developer at SIS ID