Oct 16, 2023

Empowering Women in Treasury: Highlights from DACT's Amsterdam Event at EY

The DACT event at EY’s Amsterdam office featured a women-only Personal and Professional Development session. Judith de Bruijn led a session on “Colour Model & Charisma,” followed by recruiters Josephine van der Vossen-Jonker and Ingrid Reichmann (Partners at Work) discussing reaching C-suite positions, board structures, and achievement showcasing skills. After lunch, Zeynep Deldag (EY) shared an empowering role model story.

The event received an outstanding rating of 9.1 from our participants. One attendee shared her enthusiastic feedback: “I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the event. From the exceptional venue to Judith’s engaging workshop, the insightful presentations by the women at Partners at Work, and the thought-provoking roundtable discussion – it was a truly enjoyable and worthwhile experience. The seamless transition between each segment, all focused on the same topic, made the event particularly cohesive and engaging.”

In summary, it was incredibly inspiring morning, with more exciting events to come, where the topic will be chosen by the attendees. Due to high demand and a waiting list, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting a repeat of this event on January 24th at Akzo Nobel.

Watch this video for an impression https://youtu.be/yQQj-r9tU8k

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