Registration form DACT Academy

Registration form DACT Academy 3+4 October 2022

    The Academy’s sponsorship is linked to the number of full-package participants. For partial participation, we are therefore obliged to charge a fee for non-full packages.

    1. Package 1 (full package incl hotelroom) Euro 0 Arrival Monday at 1 pm – departure Tuesday 1 pm or 5 pm
    2. Package 2 (Monday package including Meet&Greet and dinner) Euro 250
    Arrival Monday at 1 pm – departure Monday Night
    3. Package 3 (Tuesday including Meet&Greet, Dinner & Hotel room) Euro 250 Arrival Monday 5:30 pm – departure Tuesday 1pm or 5 pm
    4. Package 4 (Tuesday) Euro 0 Arrival Tuesday at 8:30 am – departure Tuesday 1 pm or 5 pm
  • Due to organizational issues and logistic capacity we need to know the number of delegates for each part of the Academy. So please let us know your preferences.