Nov 22, 2023

DACT Academy Highlights: A Journey of Knowledge and Connection

The second edition of the DACT Academy created an exciting and informative experience, bringing together expert speakers to explore different aspects of corporate finance and risk management. Joan A. Schutte, in a welcoming address, set the stage for two days of valuable insights, building anticipation among attendees. The inclusion of networking opportunities throughout both days added a lively and interactive element, allowing participants to connect. A big thank you to our sponsors, Rabobank and Marsh, for their support. Notably, participants gave the Academy an impressive rating of 8.9!

The DACT Academy featured a range of insightful presentations. Here are the key highlights:

Geopolitical Shifts and Corporate Treasurers: Menno Middeldorp from Rabobank captivated the audience with a comprehensive exploration of geopolitical shifts and their profound impact on corporate treasurers. His insights were both enlightening and thought-provoking.

Trustworthy AI in Corporate Treasury: Mona de Boer from PwC opened new vistas on key use cases for AI in Corporate Treasury.

Lessons from the past: Abe de Jong from the University of Groningen shared invaluable lessons in risk management and corporate finance, drawing on historical context of VOC for contemporary relevance.

Exploring Derivatives Valuation and Rating Agencies: Svetlana Borovkova delved into the fundamentals of derivatives valuation, while Prof. Dr. Herbert Rijken from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam provided insights into the inner workings of rating agencies and their methodologies.

AI-driven FX exposure forecasting: Rick Schreurs and Jeroen Van Hulten showcased ASML’s groundbreaking 96% forecast accuracy with AI-driven FX exposure forecasting, pushing the boundaries of financial strategies.

ESG Risk Ratings: Ákos Hajagos-Tóth from Morningstar Sustainalytics led insightful discussions on ESG risk ratings, emphasizing the growing importance of sustainability in corporate decision-making.

Treasury and Insurance Synergy: David Kraft and Erwin Smit from Marsh explored the critical link between treasury and insurance, delving into risk appetite and capacity.

Higher Interest Rate Risks and Sustainable Finance Essentials:

Higher Interest Rate Risks and Sustainable Finance Essentials: Stanley Myint expertly covered two topics from the “Handbook of Corporate Financial Risk Management,” a publication by Risk Books in 2019 co-authored by Stanley Myint and Fabrice Famery. His insightful presentation delved into Interest Rate Risk Management and Counterparty Risk Management.

Sustainable Finance: in this presentation, Daniël Poolen shared the tools for treasurers to help their company transition based on the latest developments in sustainable finance. He also shared interesting client cases and gave a glimpse into the future of sustainable finance.

Diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI): Marita Bruning talked about the relationship between working on equity and risk management. She used a business case of working on DEI and turned it around, to show that if you are not working on DEI you actually have the risks.

Marita’s session on DEI seamlessly transitioned into engaging storytelling training from, emphasizing the importance of soft skills in the finance landscape.

The Academy concluded with a celebratory certificate award ceremony, acknowledging and honoring the accomplishments of program completers.

In summary, DACT Academy 2023 was a symphony of innovation, insights, and connection. We eagerly anticipate the next edition, continuing the journey of treasury innovation and professional development.

Please access the photo gallery through the following link to view captivating moments captured during the event:

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