Jan 25, 2024

Reflecting on an empowering day at DACT Women in Treasury event at AkzoNobel Center

This event showcased the commitment of talented women to personal growth, despite busy schedules. Notably, the focus on “Top secrets from a headhunter guiding women in board positions” and “How remarkable women lead” gained heightened relevance given recent statistics. The decline in female appointments in EU financial services boardrooms in 2023 underscores the importance of fostering a strong talent pool.

The curated sessions at the event were a testament to DACT’s commitment to professional and personal development. Participants engaged in refining presentation skills with Violet Falkenburg, joined insightful discussions led by Ingrid Reichmann from Partners at Work on reaching C-suite positions, and were inspired by the powerful personal success story of Şirvan Canitez, AkzoNobel’s Commercial Director for SA Powder Coatings Division. Three brave participants Cynthia Briesen, Lara Wirtz and Raquel Rafols-van der Wal attended the recording session to showcase the secrets of powerful storytelling.

The event concluded with a sense of unity captured in a group photo and an enriching Art Foundation Tour. Check also the retrospective video on DACT’s LinkedIn page.

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